Safety Deposit Box Benefits

If you have  important documents, sentimental objects or valuables and want to protect them from fire or theft, then you should consider a safety deposit box.

Previously it was only banks that offered safety deposit boxes, but now there any many independent specialist companies providing secure storage, so it should be easy to find one locally for ease of access.

What is a safety deposit box?

A deposit box is typically a metal box in a range of sizes stored in a high-security vault. These vaults are made with extremely thick, high protection walls and floors to stop the possibility of illegal entry. Both physical and technology-based security protects the vaults. A dual-key entry system secures most vaults. The vault will use a physical or electronic key to grant access and a private key to open your safety deposit box.

Some of the latest independent secure vaults have high-tech biometric entry systems and safety boxes with both physical and biometric double lock systems.

Benefits of Using a Safety Deposit Box

A safety deposit box brings a range of benefits. It is significantly safer than home storage, even if you have a home safe and provides total peace of mind regarding your valuables.

Whereas at home, you can lose or misplace items, with a security box, you know exactly where everything is at all times. You may need to protect personal items or valuables from an untrustworthy family member, or you could be going through a contentious divorce. You will be safe in the knowledge that no one other than authorised people has access to your safety box.

You are protected from unforeseen circumstances such as fires and floods. Most vaults have extremely advanced fire suppression systems, and many are fully sealed from water ingression. A home safe cannot provide the same levels of protection. It is still recommended to put your valuables in water-tight bags or boxes for additional safety.

You can grant legal access to your box to the executor of your estate. The legal access rights will allow your executor to fulfil your wishes according to your will, including the property inside your safety deposit box.

Some providers allow 24/7 access, but most allow box access during set opening hours for security reasons. You will, though, be able to access your box as often as you wish without incurring penalties.

Vaults generally provide secure, private viewing rooms where you can open your box and access the contents.

Many safety box vaults offer complimentary insurance and can provide higher cover levels of insurance for the valuables stored.

What can I store in a safety deposit box?

Anything you want to store, except prohibited items. High-security storage boxes are mainly of use for small items and important paperwork such as:-

Precious materials like diamonds, gold and silver bullions

  • Cash
  • Jewellery, luxury watches & keys
  • Confidential and essential documents such as wills, property deeds, certificates, passports or other legal documents.
  • Data storage & backup discs
  • Photographs
  • Paper Stocks and bonds
  • Sentimental and irreplaceable items

If you need a safety deposit box for your valuables, then get in touch with us today to find out more information, our friendly team will be more than happy to help.